Smoke and Draft Tests

Up to Code: Smoke and Draft Testing

Smoke and draft testing is critical, not only for fire safety compliance, but to ensure the complete exhausting of the products of combustion into the outside air.

Draft Testing

Our draft testing is in compliance with NYC Building Code MC 810.1, which states that after the installation of a new chimney, that chimney must be tested under normal operating conditions by a registered design professional. In accordance with the code, Flue Tech will be responsible for the test, certify the results as correct and submit the results in writing.

Smoke Testing

We are in compliance with NYC Building Codes MC 810.2 and 810.3. The smoke test must be conducted in the presence of a representative of the New York City Fire Commissioner. If that is not possible, the Commissioner may accept the written report of the registered design professional responsible (Flue Tech) for the test.

The test is conducted with the following conditions:

  • The equipment, labor, materials, and power necessary for the test shall be furnished by, and at the expense of, the owner or holder of the work permit.
  • Should the test reveal leakage or other defects, the defects shall be corrected and the test repeated until the results are satisfactory.
  • The chimney will be filled with thick smoke; as the smoke appears at the stack opening on the roof, such opening shall be tightly closed and a pressure equivalent to 1/2-inch (13 mm) column of water measured at the base of the stack, shall be applied. The test shall be applied for a length of time sufficient to permit the inspection of the chimney. 

We guarantee that all of our chimney installations are tested in accordance with NYC Building Codes 810.1, 810.2, and 810.3. 

From start to finish, you can have peace of mind that our work is held to the highest of standards.