Chimney Repair

Expert Chimney Repair and Restoration

It’s always something when you own a home or building. Restoration and repair are inevitable the longer you own. Take comfort in the fact that Flue Tech’s team of expert technicians are at the ready to repair any chimney woes you may encounter:

Chimney Crowns

The crown is the uppermost part of your chimney. It has a sloped surface and its main purpose is to direct water away from the chimney. Regular wear and tear from the elements can cause cracks in the crown, which can’t be seen from the ground. An annual inspection will determine if the crown is in need of repair.

Chimney Caps

While the crown protects the chimney, the cap protects the flue. Caps divert the weather, but they are also there to shield the flue from birds and other small creatures who want to make your home theirs.


Dampers seal off approximately 90% of hot or cool air that may get past the current damper. They deter pests, but most importantly keep moisture out of your chimney, which can lead to unpleasant odors.

Chase Covers

Water is the chimney’s enemy. A chase cover, usually made from stainless steel or copper, is designed to seal your chimney from all moisture, preventing costly repairs down the line. Flue Tech provides custom-made chase covers to protect your investment.

Masonry Repairs

Got leaks? Flue Tech’s experts effortlessly and efficiently repair mortar cracks, brick water damage, chimney crowns, and other masonry issues, ensuring the structure is solid for years to come.

Chimney Repointing

Repointing is the repair of damaged mortar between the bricks of your chimney. We remove the compromised mortar, apply a matching mortar, and then apply a sealant to ensure its long life.


Flashings are layers of material that connect the chimney to the roof. Ideally this forms a water-tight seal, but over time the flashings may deteriorate and water can enter the home. FlueTech seals flashing to keep water outside where it belongs.


Do we say it again? Water is not the chimney’s friend. Water causes all kinds of damage: rust, mold, cracks. Let FlueTech waterproof your chimney and know you’re protected during the storm.

Flue Tech performs repairs on every component of your chimney, including draft-inducing systems, metal chimney stacks, and flues and flue liners.

When parts of your chimney wear out, you want to go to the best. The best is Flue Tech.