Flue Lining Systems

Chimney Liners Provide Safety and Peace of Mind

Why does your chimney need a liner?

A liner maintains the health of your chimney and prevents fires. Older chimneys typically have clay tiles lining the inside, which can crack and break over time. If your home or office building has settled over the years, this shifting can also cause cracks in the chimney’s tiles. These cracks can lead to gaps, which trap carbon monoxide and creosote, and can cause a fire. A chimney fire is not only dangerous but costly to repair. A chimney liner can increase efficiency and give you peace of mind.

How do I know if I need one?

You should only trust the word of an experienced, licensed chimney inspector like Flue Tech. You may need a new liner if you know your chimney has been damaged, or if you’re planning on connecting a new appliance requiring a liner. But rest assured, our expert techs will provide video proof that you need one and will recommend the optimal material for your needs.

Is stainless-steel the only option?

No. Flue Tech installs a variety of products, based on your structural needs and your budget. We will give you a thorough description and estimate for each of the products we install:

  • Stainless steel improves draft, improves safety, is easy to clean, and has good longevity. It can be cut to any diameter or length and have lifetime guarantees.
  • ProForm Chimney Restoration® is a composite-based liner that can conform to any shape or size. It is only recommended for gas and oil appliances.
  • Golden Flue® is an advanced liner than can withstand temperatures of 2100° F, enabling higher flue temperatures and thus better draft. It is UL listed and Warnock Hersey approved, and installation comes with a 20 year guarantee.
  • Thermocrete® is a ceramic material that is sprayed around an inflatable form. The material flows around the form, sealing any cracks or gaps in the liner.
  • HeatShield® is a chimney sealant that is used specifically in your flue’s joints.

No matter your choice, you know that the decision you make will be an informed one when you choose Flue Tech.