Draft-Inducing Systems

Draft-Inducing Systems: Not Just Blowing Smoke

The main function of a chimney is to create a draft, not only for combustion but to pull smoke and flue gases from your fireplace. If there’s not enough draft, the fire will not burn efficiently, and smoke will back up into the home or office building. We don’t have to tell you why that’s a problem.

Why isn’t there a good draft from my chimney?

There can be several reasons why your chimney may not be generating a proper draft. It may be too short, badly-proportioned, or the fireplace opening may be too large. Installing a draft-inducing system will prevent rebuilding or lengthening a chimney. Think of a draft-inducer as an exhaust fan for the fireplace.

Quality Draft-inducing Solutions

Flue Tech is proud to install quality Enervex fans, which mount directly to the chimney’s flue. A fan speed control switch is mounted near the fireplace, and with one turn smoke is pulled from the flue. Its motor is maintenance-free and it also comes with the added bonus of a screen to keep out birds and other pests. The fan is compact and unlikely to be seen from the ground level of a home or office building. It’s compatible with a masonry chimney, prefab chimney (which requires an adapter), or even direct vent fireplaces. 

Why do I need a draft inducer?

Using a draft-inducing system like the Enervex fan improves the efficiency and capacity of the venting system, whether it be wood-burning, gas, or pellet. It encourages clean burning, which is not only safer for the home but healthier for the residents inside. The fan itself is energy-efficient, using only as much energy as a regular light bulb.

If smoke is building up in your home or office, don’t close up the fireplace you’ve invested so much in. Call Flue Tech for a safe draft-inducing solution and keep that fire burning.