Custom Fireplaces

Combine Artistry And Function With A Custom Fireplace Design

Nothing makes a statement quite like a fireplace. Thanks to modern materials and building techniques, there’s no reason to be limited to just a family room or living room. 

Modern fireplaces are showing up in bedrooms, kitchens, porches and patios – anywhere a touch of beauty and even drama is desired. And they’re not just trending in homes, either. Custom fireplaces are increasingly showing up in restaurants, hotel lobbies, and even conference rooms.

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You deserve something beautiful

Flue Tech’s expert masons and designers will create the fireplace of your dreams, whether it be a traditional hearth, or a modern fireplace that can rotate or be suspended from the ceiling. 

Create a spot to hang Christmas stockings and gather with family, or enjoy trendy cocktails around a minimalist kitchen design. Cuddle up with the latest best-seller in a cozy bedroom enhanced by the beauty of a crackling fire. Impress visitors and employees alike by bringing a sophisticated gas fireplace into your office lobby. 

And creating a custom spot doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. Flue Tech also specializes in converting existing fireplaces with a sleek, safe firebox insert. With a large variety of firebrick colors and materials, we’re not just creating an alternative heat source – we’re creating a piece of art.

You want something functional

Our fireplace designs are so unique and beautiful, it can be easy to forget that they’re fully functional. Whether wood-burning or gas, our energy-efficient systems bring the warmth in more ways than one.

You require something safe

We’ve saved the best for last. When you choose Flue Tech, you and your clients can focus on building the custom fireplace of their dreams, without having to worry about safety – that’s our job! Safety is our #1 concern and we take it seriously. Our draft-inducing and venting systems create a safe, low-maintenance, worry-free environment.

Take advantage of the “hottest” trend in home and office décor – a safe, functional, and beautiful custom fireplace.